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Zero Added White Sugar Whole Cacao Treats…

About Us

Our Story

Communal Uprising Chocolate was born out of a passion for chocolate AND for health. In our modern American society chocolate is considered a dessert, a discretionary food, even taboo or “bad” for you. In this mindset we can’t really reap all the amazing benefits that chocolate has to offer. Chocolate might actually be the most nutrient rich food on the planet. It has some of the highest magnesium of any food on the planet, the nutrient humans as a species are most depleted of. It has iron, selenium, copper, oxytocin the love drug, serotonin the happy drug, Anandamide, the bliss molecule. The list goes on. But we cannot get at all the benefits of chocolate because our bodies have to fight through the white sugar. At C.U.C. we like to keep our chocolate in the natural forms that benefit the human body and keep the products close to the heart, chocolate, chocolate truffles and whole cacao beans with purpose and intention. We believe chocolate is here to help.


Our Ingredients

We wish to bring chocolate back to the forefront of the super-food world, back to its rightful place as medicine, nutrition, heart-opener and soul food. Every product is free of white sugar. The cacao beans are raw, organic and brought by local hands to Sedona from family co-ops in South America. They are not roasted. They are minimally fermented. They are hand washed and dried under banana leaves, checked for molds and toxins and packaged off to us. Each chocolate truffle is hand rolled and made with coconut cream and local honey.

Our Chocolates

Our products may be a slightly unique experience for chocolate lovers. If you’ve ever had the fortune of traveling to the parts of Africa, Middle and South America or more recently Hawaii where the cacao bean grows then perhaps you had the privilege of tasting Raw cacao beans or the fabulous fruit by itself. It is these beans that the locals throw in their pocket in the morning and munch throughout the day for that little theobromine zeal that gently replaces coffee. We create delectables based on these whole beans as well as the ground paste created from it which we all know as 100% baker’s chocolate. We have everything from carob sweetened products, keto Truffles and maple Sesame roasted cacao beans to ayurvedic infused herbal chocolate bars and raw cacao beans nibs powder and paste. How would you like your experience? What do you wish? I believe the first bite of these more native treats begin to change the chemistry in the brain. We may at first wonder about it on our palate. But then the body jumps in and assesses its emergent medicine and we begin to fall in love with it in ways our conscious mind can barely comprehend and yet we know it’s true. That is the cacao talking. Please come and join us. Please come and taste. Please come and fall in love.