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Grain Free Trail Mix
Seed Cycling

Seed cycling is a natural dietary way of balancing female hormones that can help through an entire lifetime and it is so easy! It’s easy to do and can help us feel our best as we go through the beautiful cycle that keeps us connected to our powerful nature as women and our flow with creation.
The first two weeks of seed cycling start at commencement of menstruation. We eat a tablespoon each a day of flax seeds and pumpkin seeds. The lignans in flaxseeds act as estrogen blockers so our estrogen does not get too high. Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc which sets the stage for progesterone production after ovulation and heading towards menstruation. Beginning after ovulation (the luteal phase) for two weeks we eat a tablespoon each a day of sesame seeds and sunflower seeds. The lignans in sesame seeds prevent buildup of extra estrogen more mildly and zinc promotes progesterone production. Selenium in sunflower seeds supports liver detoxification and vitamin E promotes healthy progesterone levels. It can be instantly relieving and therefore life changing, calming the system and balancing hormones. Seems like we should not have to go through our lives without natural options and empowering knowledge. Tell your sister’s. Tell your daughters. Tell your friends.
In alignment with this diet I have created a nummy form of these two seed combinations simple and pure. They are sweetened, lightly salted and spiced, easy to grab a handful of and satisfy the protein urge as well as the sweet tooth just a bit. This makes taking our medicine very easy. We are eating with our flow. Just add these seeds in any form to your diet ladies pure and simple or sweet and fun. This combination can help girl time so much and it’s always girl time! Share the love.

Sweet Namastes,
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Ingredients: Sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, Himalayan salt, brown rice syrup, honey, cinnamon, allulose

Ingredients: pumpkin seeds, brown flax seeds, Brown rice syrup, stevia, Himalayan salt, maca powder